Hello 2018!  What an amazing opportunity for me to partner with Sheena Beaute Center on my beauty and wellness for this year’s #ishinewithSheena campaign. I am ecstatic to take you with me as I journey through my goals in becoming healthier, lovelier, and of course, more confident!

While I was preparing for this issue and as I rummaged through social media, I see men and women have had it up to here with picture perfect and fake norms. How narrow has the depiction of beauty grown over the years.

The definition of beauty is broad and glorious – It is you. It is me. It limits no skin color nor body shape. It is straight. It is curly. Freckles and moles – It is our original US, OUR TRUE BEAUTY.

Together with Sheena, we are especially committed to bringing back the definition of true beauty and ensuring that our skin, hair, and body are the results of our confidence!

So, this year, as you continue to celebrate YOU, celebrate it with much love and embrace the beauty you possess!