Ari ba!  Ari ba!  Grabiha!  Grabiha!  (OOOOOHH! I just gotta sing that!)  Earlier this week, I had the #Cebuana experience to spend time with Karencitta as she tried out Sheena Beauty TriLipo®.

Everybody knows a trick or two when we talk about slimming and looking young, most of them home-made and inexpensive. While it’s true that Cleopatra, Queen Guinevere, Lady Godiva and the world’s ancient beauties used nothing but natural products (and highly likely a strict royalty diet) to keep them youthful looking and curvaceous, the technological advancements of our time allows us to do so much more!

A healthy diet and exercise are great lifestyle habits in determining the way we look, yet these are not targeted solutions where we can get rid of unwanted fat in a particular area.  Sometimes, no amount of diet or exercise can help the problem areas.  So I did my research and learned that there are variations to fat reduction, slimming, and contouring. One of which that got my attention is the non-invasive reduction and contouring –TriLipo® by Pollogen.  It’s a great way to stay young, slim, and contoured without a scalpel.  It has no downtime, no post-op complications, and no high-costs.  Plus, you can easily go back to your routine after the treatment.

The TriLipo® brings immediate body results such as localized fat reduction, diminishing of cellulite, stretch marks, body scars, and a decrease in circumference. Wait!  There’s more!  (Finally, I get to use that line…)  There really is more.  This procedure also:

  • reduces wrinkles
  • tightens the skin
  • lifts, tones, and firms muscles
  • produces long-lasting fat and circumference reduction (my favorite!)
  • detoxifies and improves lymphatic drainage
  • enhances blood circulation and oxygenation

The core of TriLipo® lies on the Maximus System state-of-the-art technologies: TriLipo® RF and TriLipo® Dynamic Muscle Activation. These two work simultaneously and non-invasively in order to release liquefied fat from fat cells, apply internal and external pressure to yield optimal lymphatic drainage and to stimulate collagen remodeling in the dermal layer to lead to a smoother skin surface. Release.  Reduce.  Reshape.

That’s TriLipo® doing it’s work.  Hitting three layers of tissues – it is applying heat and external pressure to tighten the skin, internal pressure to burn fats and tone muscles.  With continued sessions, balanced diet, and exercise, this means a better body shape, less cellulite on treated areas, as well as less wrinkles.

Oooh soooo good!

This simple walk-in walk-out procedure guarantees you advanced body contouring and firming.

From a 28-inch waistline, Karencitta lost 1cm immediately after the treatment.  Fat reduction and muscle stimulation do not stop after the procedure.  The treated area continues to burn fat as you go about your day. TriLipo® has optimal results when paired with balanced diet and regular exercise.

Sheena Beauty TriLipo® is safe for ANY skin type.  This procedure can also be done on the face, back, arms, thighs, and legs.  No needles.  No scalpel.  Just our curvaceous body, state-of-the-art technology, and Sheena Beauty staff’s tender loving care. For a contoured and healthier you, get Sheena BeautyTriLipo®.

Thank you for taking our Sheena Beauty journey with Karencitta and I.  Have a Beautiful day!








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