Just because it’s the rainy days doesn’t mean that you need to say bye-bye to your ‘beachy’ waves.  In fact, the gloomy, wet season is a great time to up your hairstyle and shift your look from loose and carefree, to chic and polished, giving this wet season a glamour vibe.

In search of a little style inspo, I decided to head straight to Sheena Beauty Centre and consulted Mr. A, the shop’s lead hairstylist. Mind you, I was dubious at first, not because I did not trust Mr. A with his craft, but it was my first, since 2007, to have consulted another hair expert to prettify my crown.

I gave him a little bit of “history” – and to let you in on that, I colored my hair with heavy highlights and a color that fit so well with my skin and eye color. I did this last year and it looked OH SO SO fine on me – BUT, I cared for it poorly that after a couple of months the color had somehow turned awry and my tips, like dry-aged beef gone wrong. 🙁  No drama. #truestory Because of this, I had to wear my hair in a bun most of the time or if I had the luxury of a Cleopatra-fashion-and-time of preparation, I could air dry my hair, and settled it with an iron. Time consuming yes, but a momma’s gotta to do, what a momma’s gotta to do.

Moving forward, Mr. A recommended that I should let go of highlights and coverage with a yellow undertone simply because it is out of style (*awkward smile). He also recommended an Ash Ombre with Chunky Highlights. YUUUUM! Furthermore, to add to the oh so goodness of this #stylefix, Mr. A suggested to include a hair treatment formula after the color is rinsed off.  So I said, “Let’s do this Mr. A!” (Yes, most woman are slightly obsessive, possessive and such a control-freak with their hair. Thus, the enthusiasm.)  .

In this #stylefix, Mr. A used Revlonissimo Colorsmetique palettes 7.4, 7.14, and 10.1.




REVLONISSIMO COLORSMETIQUE™ (http://www.revlonissimo.com/#home) is the result of combining REVLON PROFESSIONAL®’s expertise in hair color with their most advanced hair care & cosmetic ingredients. It contains hyaluronic acid and soy protein which brings a creamy texture inspired by luxury skincare creams. That to me, sounds exactly what my hair needs!








After the Ash Ombre with Chunky Highlights technique was applied and rinsed off, my hair was masked with Lipidium Absolut Repair by Loreal and then rinsed off.









1. uber pretty colors
2. softer hair
3. coarse tips gone smooth and soft








Will you be trying my sleek, chic and polished waves this rainy days? You should! You totally should!










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