Its full blast summer! With El Niño strongly felt and the laid back mood of the Lenten Week affecting everyone, we’re all bound to dip and dive on beaches or cool mountain springs to ward off the scorching heat. That’s how we survive #SummerinthePhilippines.

And as a strong advocate of women empowerment and body positivity, we at Sheena, DARE you TO BARE your skin with confidence and to feel good about yourself, no matter what size, shape or color. Here are our summer treatment picks for you:

Ultimate Summer Beauty Picks:

Laser Hair Removal — Show off those legs and feel the breeze with permanently hair free underarms, legs and bikini area.

Sheena Stem Cell Revive — Stay fresh faced this summer with our signature Luxury Facial that rejuvenates from within the skin.

Body Contouring — Flatter your figure with toned muscles in the arms, tummy and legs with our non surgical slimming treatment.

Nourish & Protect Your Skin

Intense summer heat can dry, damage and burn the skin causing premature aging and melasma. Avoid the expensive treatments to reverse your skin problems by:

  1. Drinking at least 2.5L of water daily
  2. Moisturizing the skin — face, arms and legs 2x daily
  3. Applying broad spectrum sunscreen repeatedly throughout the day
  4. Wearing protective gears such as hats, sunglasses, or umbrella
  5. Avoiding excessive sun exposure between 10am to 3pm

Soothe your skin with OMG Masks

Cool down and rejuvenate your skin at home with our range of OMG Masks. Infused with antioxidants, collagen, and anti-aging serums, the OMG Platinum Peel Off Masks help exfoliate dead skin cells, boost skin repair and let the skin absorb and retain moisture. Take it with you on your trip, perfect for a long summer day!

Double Dare OMG Platinum Peel Off Masks and OMG Spa Collection are available at Sheena Medspa Clinics.

Easter Sunday with Sheena

Finally, join us at the Family Fantasy Easter event Waterfront Hotel Cebu City on April 21 from 1-4 PM. Exclusive event only offers are available for Sheena Medspa in lieu of our anniversary.

We’ll also be bringing along Double Dare products and Caitlyn Cosmetics so don’t miss out! We hope to see you there.