The rainy season but its not a reason to dampen your beauty goals. In fact its the perfect start for whitening and laser treatments! You heard it right! No more worries about excessive sun exposure — which are no-no’s when undergoing whitening and laser treatments — whether its for laser skin resurfacing or hair removal. Now’s the time to go-all out with:

The Sheence System

Intricately formulated to give the best whitening results, achieve fairer complexion with our IV Infusion, Intravenous Drip, underarm & groin whitening, and chemical peel.

Hair Removal using Diode Laser

Level up your bikini bod confidence next summer by starting your Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

At Sheena Medspa, we use Diode Laser vs IPL — ensuring effect treatment with minimal discomfort and down time. Achieve permanent removal between 5-6 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart. Visit our clinics to have your hair type assessed and know the recommend number of sessions.

Laser Therapy

Get over your acne scars and wrinkles with our Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. Using Erbium laser, the treatment works by creating micro-wounds which then trigger the body’s natural healing response mechanism eventually creating healthy skin tissue. Skin tone and texture progress are noticeable on each treatment.

Black Doll Facial

Highly recommended for oily and acne prone skin — our signature Laser Facial combines the power of charcoal and laser in exfoliating the skin, zapping acne causing bacteria and even minimizes enlarged pores. 

Missed the Bridal Fairs last June?

Our Bride Beauty Package for soon-to-be brides is available all year! Visit our services page for more info or call 09177-SHEENA (743362) for immediate assistance.

Or call 09177-SHEENA (743362)

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Cheer’s to brighter, fairer and glowing skin!